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Your gateway to Extraordinary Experiences


Penida Blessed is your premier travel companion in Bali, offering fast boat services and curated tours to enhance your journey. Located in the heart of this paradise, we are your gateway to discovering extraordinary experiences.


Escape the Ordinary

Our mission is to redefine travel experiences by providing swift, reliable transportation and crafting immersive tours that resonate with the spirit of adventure.


Taste the Magic, Feel the Spirit

Our vision is to inspire and connect travelers with the richness of Bali, creating memories that go beyond a mere vacation.


At Penida Blessed, we have a passionate team of travel enthusiasts, local experts, and hospitality specialists. Together, we strive to make every interaction with us a personalized and memorable adventure.

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As long as you are around Nusa Penida, you will be accompanied by our professional agents, who will be loyal to be your tour guide and friend during the tour.