Snorkeling + West Island Tour


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The Snorkeling + West Island Tour package has many advantages on offer, besides being satisfied with enjoying the many tourist attractions in Nusa Penida, you can also do snorkeling activities in good sports and have beautiful views. Ticket price for Adults is IDR 1.200.000 and for Children is IDR 900.000

Snorkeling 3 Spots
  • Manta Bay
  • Wall Bay
  • Gamat Bay or Crystal Bay
West Island Tour
  • Manta Bay
  • Wall Bay
  • Gamat Bay or Crystal Bay
  • Hotel transfer pick up & drop
  • Return boat transfer
  • Car for Island Tour
  • Driver as Guide
  • Lunch
  • Free Entrance Destination
  • Retribution Photographer
  • Depart at 09.00 & Return at 16.30
Manta Bay

Manta Bay is a paradise for those who love to swim, snorkel and dive, to be sure. As the name suggests, this place is the best place to see beautiful manta rays while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia. Not to mention that tourists can just spend leisure activities on the beach, including walking on the beach, playing in the sand, sightseeing, photography, and sunbathing. Plus, professional service is always available to them.

The condition of the sea waters at the wall point is relatively shallow, without snorkeling or diving we can already enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs around the wall point. For tourists who want to learn to snorkel, it’s worth trying in the wall point area, shallow waters and good ocean currents can help you learn to snorkel in this place.

Gamat Bay is also one of the most beautiful scuba diving spots in Nusa Penida. The reason is, the bay is a plateau with a depth of about 8 meters, full of coral. And you will also often see turtles. Hence, a good place to do discovery dives when conditions are good. Especially if there is no current at high tide

Kelingking Beach is one of Nusa Penida’s most renowned sites. The place is indeed very spectacular and absolutely stunning. The rocks of Kelingking Beach look like the backbone of a dinosaur about to drink in the sea. The main attraction at Kelingking Beach is the view from the top of the cliff. The cliffs on the coast of the island of Nusa Penida are indeed very spectacular

Broken Beach which is locally known as Pasih Uug Beach is one of the most beautiful and most visited tourist destinations on Nusa Penida Island. Unique, serene and beautiful scenery, which is a great place for travel photographers and panorama seekers. Broken Beach (Pasih Uug) has a large natural pool, which was formed from the abrasion of the sea and the collapse of limestone hills.

Angel’s billabong is the mouth of the river before the water flows into the open sea. Here, it is a natural pool embedded in a cliff. It is filled with clear water at high tide. And natural pools appear at low tide. The water is very clear and quite fun to swim at low tide. Avoid swimming when the sea is rising or in pairs.

Crystal Bay Beach is a very beautiful white sand beach located in Nusa Penida Bay. Crystal Bay Beach offers crystal clear sea water. You can snorkel to your heart’s content and mingle with the amazing colorful fish and sponges. This beach is safe for swimming because on the left and right there are high cliffs.

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A few little things you should know

  • Please make sure you are arriving the harbor 30 minutes before departure time
  • Each passenger is entitled to a maximum of 2 pieces luggage carried free of charge, not exceeding a total weight of 30kg
  • The operator accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to luggage during transit in between the islands

It is recommended to wear short pants or beach wear